Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY: 30 creative ideas to decorate your wall with picture frames

Arranging a collection of pictures or art work can be sometimes challenging. Here are some creative ideas on how to decorate your walls with picture frames from hallway, family room, stairwell to small rooms.

Hallway Adam Glassman
Photo Frames Framed Photos
click here for full instruction
step 1- Keep all the frames the same color and the size uniform
step 2- Arrange frames on a kraft paper on the floor with the largest in the center, keep 2 to 3 inches distance between them
step 3- Tack the paper to the wall and hammer nails, leave 3 to 5 inches between collage and doorjambs
step 4- Put scenic, airier ones up high and mix dark and light shots, keep all eyes facing the center

photo gallery of family pictures Helpful Hints for Displaying Family Photos on Your Walls

Mark a horizontal mid-line on the wall and hang all pictures above and below the line.
click here for full instruction on how to hang this project

Create a gallery wall in a stairwell

1- Measure wall and tape off floor
2- Lay out frames
3- Take a photo
click here for full instruction

{Picture wall] kit photo-wall

the art of hanging pictures Helpful Hints for Displaying Family Photos on Your Walls

photo-wall, picturewall, gallery kit frames

Hanging frames up a staircase

Multiple picture frames

Contemporary picture surround

Traditional picture frame wall


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  10. Loving all this picture inspiration! I did a picture wall last year and I love how it turned out!

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  11. I love the look of gallery walls so pretty

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